Hadi Strømmen Lile


Hadi Strømmen Lile is a scholar of sociology of law and human rights. He has an MA and a PhD from The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, at the Law Faculty of University of Oslo. His PhD was about if Norwegian children learn what they are supposed to about the Sami people according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. He is currently working as an associate professor at Østfold University College.


Lile is a member of The National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (NESH). He has also served 2 years as a member of the Press Complaint Commission (PFU) in Norway.


He has served for more than six years as the chief editor of the legal journal Kritisk juss (Critical Law). In addition he is a member of the editorial team of the journal Human Rights Education Review.


Lile has been working for Save the Children as an international senior advisor on child rights governance. He was also an advisor for the Gáldu - Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In addition he has been working as a journalist in newspapers, TV and radio.


As a researcher he has published many articles and books and written several editorials and opinion pieces, in addition to contributions in the dictionary Store Norske Leksikon (SNL). An overview of publications can be found here.

For more on his CV se the LinkedIn profile.

His father was a Sámi and his mother is from Iran. He is what might be called a properly confusing cultural mix.